Kickstart my Heart!!!

Are you in the mood to ignite your passion?

PS - Here is my list: hiking, biking, swimming, national parks, kitties, sunsets (any picture involving beautiful sun beams/sunlight), Ireland! (all international travel), all things NPR!!!, sparkly bright colored anythings!!, festivals (in general - I just love people so watching families have fun together), AUTUMN!!!!, riding a bike along the boardwalk in Ocean City NJ with my parents, movies, things with inspirational sayings on them, whale watching, campfires, toilet humor/fart jokes, huge snow storms and crazy summer thunderstorms, House Hunters, sea otters, LAKE houses/cabins/lodges, driving around Massachusetts with Jim listening to Brandi Carlisle or Mumford and Sons, long hot showers at the YMCA, massages, restorative yoga, candle light, drinking really good coffee, with a best friend and talking for three hours straight, CBS Sunday morning with Charles Osgood and PEEPERS! Oh......and this! (please don't judge that one - I'm a child of the 80s :)